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Tekir Installation

1. Copy the TEKIR files to your computer.
2. Setup GhostScript to your computer.

32 bit :
64 bit :

3. Start / Run /  rundll32.exe printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /il and click OK.Now create a virtual printer.As you see.

Open tekir's folder and edit ayar.ini file. In ayar.ini file, find "ps_dosyasi" line and change that line as you see(ps_dosyasi = "C:\\GSOUTPUT.PS")


At tah step, printer search for driver files for this driver click Bromse Button and select C:\Program Files\gs\gs8,56\lib file.


Lastly, Edit Printer Name as a FAXPRINTER

4. Edit ayar.ini file with this line.

printer_adi = "FAXPRINTER"                         :  No Change
ps_dosyasi = "c:\\"                    :  C:\\GSOUTPUT.PS
gs_klasor = "C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.54"    : Show GhostScript folder
fax_klasor = "C:\actfax_tekir"                      :  Show check folder for Actfax
pop3_server = "mail.***"      :  Write mail server informations
pop_user = ""         :  Write mail address for fax
pop_passwd = "fax"        :  Write mail address password                 
smtp_server = ""      :  Write SMTP server address
smtp_user = ""       :  Write mail adress for fax
smtp_passwd = "****"      :  Write mail address password                 
alan_kodu = "0216"      :  Write Area Code                 
bekleme_suresi = "60"   :  Write number for check folder about fax.

After change this information click Save and close it.

5. Congrulations! You complete the installation successfully. Enter the license key and you can start to use.

Open the TEKIR folder and click the actfaxpop3.exe'S shortcut
Click the license key button and show lic.xml file which is in the TEKIR's folder

.After that write client number and how many e-mail address do you want to add And click sign button.

6.  For Start the program, click actfaxpop3.exe  
7. Click the sign which is at the right corner.


8. Define mail address which can send fax to

Than click OK.


As a summary : TEKIR send fax from this mail address.(This mail address have to mail to the as we defined.)




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