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Tekir - Outlook Fax Integration:

Send fax on the Outlook. As you send e-mail, send fax

How does it work?

Create an e-mail account and write to the Tekir.

For example : (; All of your e-mail which you send to this mail, is converting to PDF file types by TEKIR and saving to the ACTFAX folder.

Actfax Server check this folder periodicly and send pdf files automaticly.

Note : When you send a fax,the document must be attachment.

For Example :

  Step 1 :   Create an account and set up at the TEKIR.
  Step 2 :   Open mail software (outlook,webmail,gmail,hotmail etc) .
  Step 3 :   Click to new mail and send mail to
  Step 4 :   Write number to the subject part of mail
  Step 5 :   Attach the file what you want to fax to the mail



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